Watching Brodus Clay destroy Heath Slater on Raw tonight, got me thinking: jobbers have got to me the most under-appreciated people in wrestling. Guys like the Brooklyn Brawler, Duane Gill, Funaki, and Barry Harrowitz are among the guys who have had solid careers because they do the job. One of the antonyms for jobbers is ‘enhancement talent.’ I like that phrase better because that is what they are. They are talent who enhance who they are doing the job for.

Many people wonder why their favorite wrestler doesn’t get pushed to the next level. What people fail to realize is that roles on the card are critical in wrestling. Main-eventers, mid-carders, and jobbers; they all have a role. People need to realize that it is not necessarily a bad thing for their favorite wrestler to be a jobber; because, at least he has a ‘job.’ I am sick of hearing the question: ‘why isn’t this guy pushed?’ There is a reason why people like Santino and Tyson Kidd are not pushed higher in the card; they are perfect in the role that they have. Santino is the perfect comedy jobber in my book. The guy has no business being in the main event, but he does all the right things to keep his job until his body gives out. When Santino almost won the Royal Rumble last year, it was great. Here was a jobber who almost had the chance to main event Wrestlemania. Jobbers, in the the world of wrestling they deserve to main event Wrestlemania.


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