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The Manning Options

Captain Obvious says that Manning needs a new place to play. It would be a shame to see one of the greatest quarterbacks of this generation retire. He is still a player that people can get excited about.

San Francisco
Alex Smith is a free agent, so think about it. The 49ers have no reason to keep Smith with Kapernick in the fold, but they need a solid excuse to move on from him after this season. Manning would be the perfect excuse. He would bridge the gap to Kapernick, and keep the team in playoff contention. If Manning is half of the player that he used to be, that would probably be the equivalent of Smith. Not only that, everyone is in the fold already for a solid repeat of this season.

Why it won’t happen: Someone please give me an excuse because Alex Smith is just not a good enough excuse for me.



Here is a team with an underrated defense who seems to be in the playoff hunt, every other year. They play in a warm weather environment that Manning would be attracted to.

Why it won’t happen: They are Jacksonville. Blaine Gabbert’s development.



I tried to talk myself out of this but I just couldn’t find a good enough reason besides the weather; and lets face it, weather is not a good enough excuse. Buffalo showed us last season that they are a decent enough team that isn’t that far away. Fitzpatrick is good, but not as good as Manning.

Why it won’t happen: I believe that Fitzpatrick has a huge salary cap number.



Think about it. Of all the people in the world who can push Tebow to the sidelines, there are only a few names; none of which are available. Brady, Manning, Rogers, Brees, Romo, and all of the other elite quarterbacks. The Broncos are already a playoff team, with Manning they would be assured of being the elite of the league.

Why it won’t happen: Reality, Manning won’t want to play in cold weather.



If I was to bet that one team would throw money at him, it would be Washington. Sadly, they are Washington.

Why it won’t happen: Does anyone want to play for Dan Snyder? Lack of winning culture.


They need a quarterback, and live in a warm climate. Pennington thrived there with worse players

Why it won’t happen: perception that they are far away.


They need a quarterback, but they really should allot their resources elsewhere.
Why it won’t happen: Need a young quarterback, bad long term prospects for a quarterback who has two years left, cold weather climate for a quarterback with a achy body.

Too many excuses not too:
Minnesota, Arizona, New York Jets, Tennessee, Cleveland


Teams with established quarterbacks:
San Diego, Kansas City, Oakland, Philadelphia, New York Giants, Dallas, Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis, New England, Houston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati


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